Northern Eagle Federal Credit Union

“I am the program manager to develop a credit union for our underserved tribal community. One of our most important decisions in starting the credit union is choosing the right data processor since this decision affects all of our future transactions, service to members, financial reporting, and back office operations.

 CU*Answers introduced me to their Starting a Credit Union program and allowed me to demo their CU*BASE suite. I was very impressed with their wide range of products and services, as well as the easy-to-use teller platform. Moreover, I was amazed at their sensitivity to the challenges start-up credit unions face. The reps that I have worked with over the past year and a half went above and beyond in providing me resources and contacts, such as introductions with CEOs from other recently chartered credit unions. They were very patient in answering all of my questions and informing our business planning—which resulted in a strong charter application to the NCUA. Just as important, CU*Answers understands that it takes time for new credit unions to build capital and addresses this by offering free services for the first two years!

 I spent months researching and demoing other data processors, but I came back to CU*Answers because of cost, ease of use, and the close attention they gave each of my questions and concerns. It is nice to feel like they are co-partners in this effort and I like how they also demystify part of the process. For all of these reasons, I’ve been recommending CU*Answers to other start-up groups.” 

Nikki Pieratos – Credit Union Manager
Proposed – Northern Eagle Federal Credit Union
(218) 757-3261 x 192