Internet Archive Federal Credit Union

“When Brewster Kahle and I were contemplating opening a Credit Union the only obstacle we saw was the tremendous infrastructure necessary to operate. We certainly did not have the expertise or the time to create an entire Credit Union operation – what we jokingly called – bank in a box. That is where CU*Answers came in. They went so far beyond what we asked of them that they lapped us. Not only can they provide an easy to use “bank in a box” but the training necessary to come out of the gate being able to offer all the services we are allowed. We are very ambitious and CU*Answers already has modules in place to do everything we would like to do even 5 years out. Randy is such a visionary genius that he is already working on offering innovations that will carry Credit Unions into the next decade. It is no exaggeration to state that we would not have even attempted to open a Credit Union if it weren’t for CU*Answers and can not think of better true partner to grow with.”

Jordan Modell
CEO – Internet Archive Federal Credit Union